trying something new!

i am a part of a FABULOUS group of doll makers on facebook.  there are complete beginners and superstars in there together, and everyone is super supportive and helpful!

someone linked a doll tutorial last week that i had seen before, but wanted to revisit.

not surprisingly, it was on the living crafts blog, the blog of a magazine that i really want to subscribe to!

the blog suggests that when attaching the arms to the muff (teehee, using the word muff makes me feel like i am 12 again) you actually slip the fabric between the arms, over the muff, instead of sewing them to the back like most instructions suggest.

i have really been thinking that my arms sit too far towards the back of my dolls, giving them somewhat awkward posture, so this common sense tip came at a perfect time!  i can’t wait to get this doll finished up and see how it all works out!!



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